Buried In Our Past Podcast

A retelling of history lost to time

Buried in Our Past is a podcast about the histories all around us that have been lost to time. Surprising, exciting and sometimes peculiar, the series shares research unearthed by the Westport Museum for History and Culture that offers a new way of looking at the past and rethinking the present.

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Thanks to the success of Buried in Our Past, the Museum is now partnering with Factory Underground, a cutting-edge media production company in Norwalk with studios for professional voice over, radio talent, and music recording sessions.

Also available via Audible, Castbox, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and RadioPublic.

“The Museum’s programming–from the podcast to the escape rooms to exhibitions, galleries, and walking tours–is extensive and rich. The museum delves into Westport history in order to connect to present culture and experiences so we can better understand our community and each other.”

— Lee G. Westport resident