Focus On: Stephanie Webster & Family

I am the Editor for CTBites, Your Guide To Great Food in CT. As you can imagine, the playing field has changed. My job has shifted from a profitable business reporting on the restaurant industry in CT to a not-for profit fundraising and support platform called  Food For The Front Lines. It started when I helped Founder Nicole Straight launch Food For The Front Lines Go Fund Me to raise money for local CT restaurants to deliver food to first responders and healthcare workers. To date, we have raised almost $30,000.  

As this started, I was concerned at first as few seemed to be heeding the advice of our local officials, but saw a change two weeks in. In launching the Food For The Front Lines program, I’ve been blown away by the level of community support, kindness, and generosity. 

We are here for anyone who needs support, a virtual cocktail, or a food delivery. Please support your local chefs and farmers. We are a part of a community who cares about those around them, and people should not forget this: Reach out. I will continue to serve our community any way I can.

We are a part of a community who cares about those around them, and people should not forget this…

I regularly check in on my out of work friends, people I know are struggling, and those who are afraid. I’m not worried about the economy or that the world will get back on its feet, because it will. My greatest fear is for my family living in Manhattan. I view this as a wake-up call. If you look at the silver lining in this global pandemic, several things become clear. Pollution is vastly improved, families are spending time with each other, and people have started to realize that Trump is a farce of a president. My hope is that people remember what they have learned in this time of crisis. 

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